Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Making Daddy Happy Freebie Promotion

Get It At Amazon, Exclusively, and for free until Sunday, March 17th, 2013

So I haven't been the most persistent person about updating this blog. I've been pushing myself to keep my production rate up, words and all that, and I'm not yet doing this full time. Plus, you kinda need fans to make the most out of a fan page blog. Not a huge fan of writing to no one in particular.

In an effort to kickstart the enthusiasm, I'm tossing up my first promotional piece. "Making Daddy Happy" will be availible for absolutely free for five days from Wenesday, to get more eyes on my work for better or for ill.  It will also be exclusive to Amazon until June, before it will join the ranks of my other work on Smashwords, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo.

Enjoy the freebie, or if you're coming here from the freebie, I hope you enjoyed the freebie and are looking forward to reading more of my blend of eroticism and romance where there shouldn't be.

If you want my musing on writing it like I did on Knocked Up By the Doc and My Son, My Curves, as below, ten books ago(another reason to get discouraged. If I wanted to keep that up, I have a backlog. Backlogs are always terrific fun...)

I was kinda split if this was the best work to parade as a freebie, the first exposure many may see of my writing. It's vaguely depressing - a father struggling with the loss of his wife, pouring all his love on his daughter, who freaks about him in return. But I realized the appeal of (pseudo) incest in erotica form is that family bond - that deeper love, where you'd do anything for your blood. That's not suppose to apply to fucking them typically, but the keyword for the fetish wouldn't be taboo if everyone was just peachy with screwing their family.

In that way, it's a good representation of my pseudo-incest catalog. I tend to focus on the pushing of that relationship - where a family member dares to go all the way to fill a void in a loved one's life and letting them find a bit of healing. It's charming, heartwarming even, in its own fucked up little way. All you need is love, and some choose not to be picky where it comes from.

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