Monday, January 21, 2013

Knocked Up By The Doc

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This one was kinda fun to write, with the joys of a character building bad sex scene. Sex when one side doesn't really care isn't much fun for those involved, and it remains pretty awkward in text form. Lynne's meant to be a driven and determined woman, and I could see someone like her despite all her ambition ending up with her polar opposite and refusing to give up a hopeless case. I see it all too often from the outside looking in, and while I haven't watched such a sexual episode, I can imagine many have stories of basically using their SO as a glorified masturbation aide. 

This was essentially to set up for the shoe being on the other foot for Lynne, pushing her towards someone more like her. Opposites can attract, but I'm a fan of finding someone like you who can match your desires and challenge you mentally for a bond that will stay together. A best friend you happen to be fucking, if you follow what I'm saying. It might just be me, but I could never imagine being with my polar opposite. Maybe I just haven't found the right person, though.

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