Monday, January 21, 2013

Knocked Up By The Doc

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This one was kinda fun to write, with the joys of a character building bad sex scene. Sex when one side doesn't really care isn't much fun for those involved, and it remains pretty awkward in text form. Lynne's meant to be a driven and determined woman, and I could see someone like her despite all her ambition ending up with her polar opposite and refusing to give up a hopeless case. I see it all too often from the outside looking in, and while I haven't watched such a sexual episode, I can imagine many have stories of basically using their SO as a glorified masturbation aide. 

This was essentially to set up for the shoe being on the other foot for Lynne, pushing her towards someone more like her. Opposites can attract, but I'm a fan of finding someone like you who can match your desires and challenge you mentally for a bond that will stay together. A best friend you happen to be fucking, if you follow what I'm saying. It might just be me, but I could never imagine being with my polar opposite. Maybe I just haven't found the right person, though.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

My Son, My Curves

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"Plump Stepmother Rose doesn't think she can find love until she works herself to death at the gym. But when an accident brings her and her strong, vigorous 19-year old stepson much closer, she learns that she doesn't need a single digit dress size to find love, even if it comes from where she least expects it.

This 7,500 word erotic short story is not intended for minors, telling the unorthodox love story between a big beautiful woman and her studly stepson overcoming their anxieties through exploring one another's bodies fully, explicit oral and anal intercourse, with a chance of knocking up the voluptuous mother."

My first foray into BBW Erotica. I'm an advocate for beauty beyond the skinniest of people, as the standards our media throws at people are kinda ridiculous and really just flat out impossible to achieve for most people. I envisioned Rose as such a woman with that wrongful self-esteem issue. She thinks of herself as horrendously fat, and stresses out in everyday life, pushing herself way too hard, fearful of life's simple pleasures. I tried to write her as a woman who has been like this for awhile. Her son, a young man with the ability to get any girl he wants, takes his love to help his mother realize that she is beautiful, no matter how much she thinks society disagrees.

In between the son-fucking, I tried to portray a strong family love and with a strong message for all of self-esteems. In the process, I ended up making this my longest story yet, and it was an intriguing endeavor to craft the sex scenes around Rose's injuries. I don't particularly have a cast fetish, but apparently it's out there(there's a fetish for everything), and I half regret not really looking more deeply if there was anything in it beyond simply caring for someone who is injured, which is pretty much what I did here.  I can't particularly think of anything to do with a cast that's all that filthy, but perhaps I have a poor imagination.

Blogging Seemed Like the Cool Thing To Do

So, hi. I'm Eliza DeGaulle. You're here because you mashed a bunch of keys randomly and it shot you here, or far more likely, you bought one of my Erotica titles for one of those E-Reader machine things.

I'm a few months veteran of this whole thing, which is to say, still a rookie. I've enjoyed moderate success for a career so young, but you gotta keep plugging at it. I'll be sharing my books, my thoughts on their production, and hope to spur conversation in the process. I'm taking this social media thing by storm, ya know.