Friday, March 22, 2013

Daddy's Curvy Little Girl

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I'm starting to think I like the idea of asshole worthless boyfriend a bit too much as a storytelling device. Maybe it's from experience? Regardless, more Daddy stories. I'm rounding out my incestuous repetoire, to the point I may be taking an extended break from the genre to try some new things. I have a million story ideas and finding time to do them is never going to get done if I only do family-fucking.

I've stated before, I like the BBW sub-genre since it's often founded in love against the grain. BBW is basically an umbrella genre for all of this - even if you're one of those skinny types, you have insecurities because you aren't what the media paints as beautiful. The girls who are what the media paints as beautiful have insecurities because they aren't perfect enough. The reality simply is no one is. And not being so doesn't disqualify you from love.

The reality also is there is no such thing as perfection - my idea of the perfect lover is probably not someone elses.

I'm working on my next big project beyond the next Erotica short. Next short, as a breather from Daddy fucking, is branching into the Exhibitionism territory which I touched on with 'Desiring the Delinquent' lightly, but this time going much more heavily in that direction.

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